See How Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity Is In Accordance With Spirituality And Hindu Culture

Indian culture has always looked at the truth the way it is, not on what our five senses perceive. We have gone beyond.


Albert Einstein in 1905 made a revolutionary change in the field of modern physics and space studies which shook everyone when each of his said things came proving exactly true. This was not just an attempt in the field of modern science to go beyond the limitations of physical boundaries which were just limited to experimentation and verification of the visible phenomena but he made everything unique in the way how people perceive thins and other natural phenomena or even the whole cosmos. His theory is known by the name of “The theory of Relativity” and is very famous for the formula E=mc^2 as you too might have heard about it.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

Here I’ll be showing you how the theory of relativity (assuming you already know something about relativity) is exactly in accordance with the Yogic/Vedic science and Indian culture. I’ll not be telling you about contribution of Indian Yogis and Rishis to the mankind in this article right now but still you can read about the immense contribution of Yogis to the mankind in another article. Only the relation between relativity and spirituality is given below. Here a small list goes:

Time is relative, not absolute:

As per Einstein’s theory of relativity time is relative which means time is not the same for everyone. Actually time is different in different reference planes. (I’d suggest you to read more about theory of relativity more because I’m not providing here the exact statements of what the theory says.)

Ancient Yogis have always been saying, with the deep understanding of the life and the cosmos that time is not the same for every individual because time is related to the physicality only which means time comes to action when the physicality is there. As Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a living Indian Yogi has also said that time is just limited to physical aspect of life and is even relative for different individuals or organisms. He gave an example that a year of a human being in experience may be equal to 10 years for a dog in his experience. For an insect, it may be 50 years and so on. However Yogic science goes beyond this that we can transcend ourselves and get beyond the limitations of time also. It is very possible.

Classification of Time in Ancient India
Classification of Time in Ancient India

Time dilation, time slows and can also stop:

Theory of relativity gives an enormous focus on time and its behavior in different reference frames and velocities (speed). As said above, time is relative, theory of relativity also says that time can slow down or can seize to zero. With the increase in the speed of the observer, time slows down. If ever a person could try to move with a speed nearer to the speed of light, time will slow down so that he cannot attain the speed of light (neglecting the increase of mass of the observer at such a high speed). If even a person could travel at a speed equal to the speed of light, time would seize to zero, that is time will stop. However theory’s own postulate says that no physical object can travel with the speed of light.

Time Dilation
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Now here is an elaboration of the Yogic science’s concept. Great thing is that these are actually not the concepts but their own experience of living and the cosmos which modern scientists don’t actually have.  Ancient Yogis have never given the importance to time. They always have been keeping on saying that time is not of utmost importance. Time is relative and belongs only to the physical. Time never exists in the higher dimensions of life. If you transcend the barrier of the physicality and are able to go beyond the limitations of this physical world, time is not an issue. This cannot (can never) be achieved by the intellect. This can only be experienced by using other methods which define you. This is the reason why Yoga was invented/discovered. Even Sadhguru narrates a small story about Buddha when people say that he came back again to life after some thousand years. Sadhguru said time does not exist for him because he is not in his physical form now. What you see as thousands years of experience are just some seconds for him or even no time. Maybe for him, he came just after some moments. Time is what you experience in your own life. It can be (is) different for other people in their experience.

Length contraction, length or space can shorten unlike time slows:

Length contraction is a quite interesting concept in Einstein’s theory of relativity. It says, if we could travel with the speed of light, every point in space and time would exit at the same point for him. That is everything for him would exist at the same place. Let’s say if there are two points at some distance (say, some miles) then if we try to travel from one of these points to another with the speed of light then that distance between them will reduce to zero. If we travel at speed little smaller than that of light, the same length will get shortened or contracted to a smaller length of some meters, maybe.


Now in Yogic science, it is even true that we can experience it by ourselves. For Yogic science, it is possible to create everything that a human or even a god can do. In yoga, the last stage is called as “Samadhi” which means you can leave your body as per your own will without even hurting the physical body. When someone reaches the state of enlightenment or realization, they are beyond the boundaries of physical and time. At that time they are in the experience of the oneness or unity with the whole universe and cosmos. This clearly means that length or space contracts or shrinks because there are only two cases:   either they have become infinite (not in their physical form but their consciousness, called atman) or they are travelling at a super high speed equal to or greater than the speed of light in all directions which is quite possible because consciousness or atman is not physical.  For them every part of the universe lies at the same place.

Black holes and Yugas, the time delay because of black holes:

Black holes are the stars of extremely high density and have very high gravitational pull. Gravity in the black holes is so high that not even light can escape it. As per relativity, time inside the black holes is zero and nearer to them is very slow. It is now clear that black holes affect the duration of time heavily; especially they slow down the time. As per modern science and astronomy, there are black holes at the center of every galaxy and the other stars revolve around it.  Similarly our galaxy Milkiway also has a black hole around which all the stars revolve and so our solar system.

Calculation shows Kaliyuga has ended already
Calculation shows Kaliyuga has ended already

Now as per Yogic science and Indian astrological calculations (Vedic astrology), there is a super sun (this does not mean that the super sun also radiates light) in our galaxy but does not lie at the center but lies somewhere aside at some focus of the elliptical orbit of our solar system. It takes around some thousand years to complete one revolution of our solar system around that super sun. Indian Yogic science has divided the whole orbit into four parts named as Yugas. The divided area nearest to that super sun is called Satiyuga which means when our solar system lies in that area, we are in Satiyuga which has ended thousands of years ago. Similarly the area farthest from the super sun is called Kaliyuga which means when our solar system lies in that area, we are in Kaliyuga. Similarly two other areas lying in between these two are called as Treta Yuga and Doapra Yuga. As per calculations of Aryabhatta, Doapra Yuga ended 3107 years ago (if we are calculating in 2017).  As per current calculations we are in Doapra Yuga and are about to enter in Treta Yuga in 2082.


In Indian scriptures, it is written in many stories that the duration of days in Satiyuga was very long. This clearly gives a sign that time is slow in Satiyuga. The super sun is more probably a black hole which slows sown the time when our solar system enters in its influence area.  I’ll be providing a link here to the Isha blog where the calculations are demonstrated along with the diagrams and a lot more information about the Yugas is also given. Click her to see the calculations: Kali Yuga – When Did it End and What Lies Ahead?

Whenever modern scientists don’t get any idea about what to do next or want to get some other ideas, Indian spirituality is the best choice to consider. It is foolish to start doing the things again from the beginning which are already done. Taking them even more further is the best thing to do.

Like this there are many. I’ll be publishing them in another article.

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