Know The Combinations of Food That You Should Strictly Avoid

What you eat, you become. Your eating habits should not be irresponsible.

Healthy Food

We all know that food is an important constituent in our daily lives for our survival. Indeed we can’t survive without eating but, also we can’t do with too much of it, or the wrong portions of it, either. There are too many things to keep in your mind to stay healthy, by eating the proper food in proper proportions and amount. It’s not easy, or even humanly possible, most times to follow every single rule in the book when it comes to food.

But, here at we have put together a few of the most important ones that you would do well to keep in mind before you put that spoonful of food into your mouth. These are given below in the form of points:

Never Eat Dairy With Fruit, Radish or Raisins

Dairy With Fruit, Radish, Or Raisins

While fruits are easy and quick to digest but on the other side, milk is quite the opposite. It slows down the process of digestion. Combining both the two means the fruits curdle the milk and create acidity.

Radish heats up your insides while dairy is cooling in nature. Also, consuming dairy in itself is a complete food and should not be combined with any other foods because it delays the process of digestion.

Second one is ‘Fish And Milk’

Fish And Milk


Never pair milk with any kind of non-veg item!!!! Combining milk with fish, meat or chicken can be harmful. Fish and meat are heating foods and dairy is cooling. The simultaneous consumption of the two together in a meal or consuming them back to back could lead to blockages and toxins in your system.

Never eat Milk with Meat.

Avoid Salt And Milk

Salt And Milk

Remember that salt is an astringent whereas milk is known for its tissue-nourishing properties — importantly, a contradiction you should always avoid in your food.

Don’t Follow Chilled Beverages After Your Meals

Chilled Beverages

Avoid eating ice-creams, cold drinks or iced drinks during or straight after your meal as these hamper the digestive process and you may cause acidity, indigestion or stomach ache.

The Important, Say NO to Sweets After 6pm

Avoid Sweets After 6pm

Say NO to all kinds of sweets, or yoghurt after 6pm. Eating such foods will only enhance the production of excess mucous in your system and will have no positive affect.

Don’t Consume Cooked Honey, If You Do

Cooked Honey

Since honey is good for consuming as it has a lot of medicinal properties like you have already heard about, but the truth is that only the raw honey is as such as you’ve heard about. While raw honey sure does have medicinal properties and is advised to be consumed, but it when cooked changes its chemical properties to a sticky, gluey substance that is toxic as it clogs your channels.

Never Combine Ghee And Honey

Ghee And Honey

Never to be combined food items because of their contradictory properties — ghee cools and honey heats.

Also Avoid Fruits With Starchy Foods

Fruits With Starchy Foods

Never combine fruits with potatoes, cheese, fried foods or any other starchy foods. While fruits are easy to digest, these other options take longer. Fruits are usually best consumed solo.

Kick Melons And Grains

Melons And Grains

Melons are easily digestible while grains take longer. Combining these two food items can upset your stomach.

The last one: Don’t Mix Light Food And Heavy Food

Light Food And Heavy Food

It seems like a good idea and healthy habit to combine lighter foods with heavier foods because it could balance out your digestion, right? But its absolutely Wrong. It can mess up with your digestive system.

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