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How to Post to Multiple Groups on Facebook with One Click

Post On Multiple Groups

UPDATE: Now the method given here does not work. If you still want to read the article then continue to read below!

As Facebook is Generally Used to Connect with Friends and Colleagues Online.

Many of us stay online for the whole day spending time in chatting with friends or in Facebook Groups. Facebook has a very nice feature named as Facebook Groups which now a days is much popular for sending messages or statuses in bulk to people all over the world.


Most of the people, generally bloggers want to increase the traffic to their website from social media as it is the only place where you can interact with millions of people. So Facebook Groups is the only place to post your site URL to get the traffic in bulk. But the main problem to post in a number of groups is quite tedious as we have to post manually in each group.

But don’t worry! We, here at QGaze have compiled a number of steps for you to post in the multiple groups at once.

Post On Multiple Groups
Post On Multiple Groups


Given below are the steps through which you can post in a number of groups at once in just few seconds:

  • Step 1. Click here and follow the next steps as required.
  • Step 2. Now click on the “Connect” button.
  • Step 3. Now select the Pages/Groups/Friends where you want to post.
  • step 4. Type your Post and fill the required boxes then click Post.

This trick is absolutely for free. Enjoy and keep visiting for more tricks or everything you want to know about.

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