How Feminism Has Ruined India And Still Is Doing A Lot Of Damage To The Country

Feminism has already ruined a lot in our country and still is doing a huge damage to our culture and heritage. It projects itself to be like a curse on India.


Feminism started out as a revolutionary idea to empower women, promoting equal rights for women and helping them in various fields to make them come forward and be the part in nation’s development. Wish it would have been the same way in practice as it was intended for. But unfortunately, it is being (mis)used   as hell by the so called feminists who actually are (Fame)nists who turn out to be men haters who pretend to be fighting for women rights but actually do all the crap for getting fame. If you analyse the whole situation keeping your mind and intellect open and unbiased, you’ll see what actually is happening in the country and how this so called feminism is hindering the real development of the nation. The way feminists are dealing with this a way more harm than the intended good. Feminism may be a noble concept, but what matters, eventually is the way it is being carried out practically.

Indian women in pre historic times, until some thousand years ago have always been given more privilege and respect than men. Our country has a history of thousands of years where in women have always played a key role in the development of such rich and incredible culture. Everything started to ruin when this so called Bhakti Movement came into practice. So, it became necessary to uplift the women for whom the rights were denied post this.  Here I’ll be telling you how feminists, both men and women, have totally ruined feminism for everyone in the country. This article might be long for you to read but is a worth read to make a difference.

Status of Indian Women in Vedic Period - A Painting
Status of Indian Women in Vedic Period – A Painting

Men as a Feminist:

Men as feminist could have been the most effective factor for uplifting the deprived women who unfortunately were denied from the rights probably after the post Bhakti Movement started some hundred years ago.  Modern men who claim to be feminists are the ones who watch porn all day, stare at women like if they are going to eat them (which you can frequently see in Delhi Metro, outside colleges, in public buses, railway and there’s a huge list). They are not even ashamed of all this nonsense and inhuman behavior of them, but still cry about women empowerment. I’ll be telling you why actually these men show this sh**ty double standard and keep preaching about feminism.

How Feminism Has Ruined India And Still Is Doing A Lot Of Damage To Country
How Feminism Has Ruined India And Still Is Doing A Lot Of Damage To Country

The first thing that is the most common in their is psychological behavior is that they want to get noticed and seek attention, not by the people, but by the women themselves! Even you can see this when you talk to them for a while because a conversation with any for some minutes is enough to know about that person for more than 80%. Second, these men are highly obsessed for women or girls if they are single and if they’re already in a relationship, you’ll find them either being involved in adultery or having no knowledge about how the things work. Then the third type of men come, the men haters! Sounds awkward? I know, you might be thinking how a man can hate men, but I’ll be putting it on you to see and find an answer about it. One is that they love women more than men because of their own slutty nature (Here slutty nature is referred to the nature of those men, not for women!).

All this crap has made the whole system biased that the men don’t get equal rights anymore.

Women as Feminists:

This is the worst form of feminism and even you know that how it has been a curse for India. The female feminists, who claim to be fighting for the rights of women, you’ll see a lot of things in common in them. I really don’t know from where to start as there is a lot more that I cannot spit out in this article. But I’m surely going to put the important characteristics of them in here so that you come to know and recognize them easily. Hypocrisy is a major characteristic in their personalities. Most of them are already from the highly empowered backgrounds.

How Feminism Has Ruined India And Still Is Doing A Lot Of Damage To Country
How Feminism Has Ruined India And Still Is Doing A Lot Of Damage To Country

These are the same women who feel Indian culture is absurd but Western (culture?) seems fascinating for them. Honestly speaking, even you can analyze this, most of such women feminists, who actually are men haters, want and try their everything best to be like men. What I mean with this is that they want the following things:

  1. Freedom to have sex with anyone, which actually is absurd as most men don’t prefer to have sex with anyone.
  2. If there were an alternative for women to have kids without actually giving birth to kids, feminists would prefer not to give a single birth to a child which actually even these feminists want.
  3.  These feminists actually want a penis so that they can look like men.
How Feminism Has Ruined India And Still Is Doing A Lot Of Damage To Country
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There are a lot more but I’d prefer you to analyze such feminists.

Indian men constantly hate such feminism but the truth is that they can do nothing about it. One of the main reasons why a lot of men don’t find feminism a genuine ‘revolution’ is because a considerably large amount of women who identify themselves as feminists switch sides as per their convenience. They want to be equal but they also want the sympathy of being a woman. They want to be given equal opportunities but don’t want to work as hard as a man. Women don’t want to be judged and yet, they color all men of the country with the same brush. A lot of feminists stereotype all men to be rapists and that’s just ridiculous. The rights are equal for everyone irrespective of gender, caste or status.

It is beautiful to be feminist if you’re wearing tiniest and slutty clothes, if you’re partying till late night, if you’re freely drinking and smoking, being rebel for no reason even when you’re wrong and if you find anyone who doesn’t fall in this category, who doesn’t wear bikini in public, doesn’t wear shorts in the market, doesn’t behave slutty, are looked at with either pity, sympathy or just hate. This is absurd! They’re in fact far more better than you, and are in fact empowered in the true sense. They, at least, are not hypocrites, are more moral and loving. They are even more respected, they have their own dignity.

How Feminism Has Ruined India And Still Is Doing A Lot Of Damage To Country

Men and women are not the same, that is a universal truth. Why are we trying to fit in each others shoes when that is not even possible or viable. When it is quite clear and evident that we (male and female) are wired differently why are we trying this hard to fit in each others roles? Feminism is not about men and women being the same it is about accepting the differences. You, as blind feminists should stop all this bullshit and keep doing your own work instead of ruining the lives of men. If you want to fight for the rights then do fight for the rights to equality, which apply for both men and women. This is making this country for males a hell to live in.

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