Health Benefits of Honey That You Must Know


We all know that honey is really very important stuff to keep us healthy to the foremost. It is considered to be an elixir of life. This lustrous brown liquid works wonders for our health in more than one ways.

We, here at QGaze, have brought a number of health benefits of honey that will make you known to the value of honey and its importance for you. Honey helps and acts as in the following ways:

1. As an Immunity booster

The antioxidants and anti bacterial properties that honey bears, aids the improvement of the digestive system of humans. Consuming this semi-liquid can help boost your immune system and keep you healthy and fit in life.

2. Helps in Skin Care

A variety of beauty products now available in the market contain honey as their prime ingredient. Honey not only helps in smoothing your skin but also keeps acne at bay. The anti-bacterial properties of honey can give your skin a nourishing and glorious look and feel.

Pure Honey - Honeycomb

3. It Aids Weight Loss

Many experts recommend eating honey mixed with warm water every morning. This unique combination helps you in digesting the fats in your body and aid the weight loss process.

4. It bears Cancer preventive properties

Honey contains a number of antioxidants and flavanoids that help diminish the risk of a few types of cancer. These antioxidants kill the collagen in the body.

5. Honey is Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Honey is rich in a number of vitamins and minerals too. Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron are primarily derived from this golden ingredient.

Pure Honey

6. It Relaxes the throat

A commonly known benefit of eating honey is the soothing effect it provides to the throat. You must consume it or gargle with honey mixed with water when you have a sore throat. It is known that it kills the infection causing bacteria (pathogens), relieving you from the irritation.

7. Honey Also Possesses Healing Properties

Honey is also considered to be a natural healer when applied to wounds. It cures the wound by killing the bacteria because of high concentration of sugar in it, and cleans the infection too. The antibacterial property it contains does this magic to any kind of injury.

8. It Induces Sleep

Enjoying a sound sleep is a problem for many especially amongst the older people. Drinking a glass of warm milk mixed with honey can solve your problem. This mixture is known to soothe you and induces sleep too.

Consuming a spoonful of honey on a daily basis can help you extract a number of golden benefits from this thick liquid. After all, we should say, honey is really an elixir of life. :)

Honey Combs Containing Honey

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