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Dr. Devi P. Shetty

Heart surgeon Devi Shetty’s 1000-bed hospital Narayana Hrudayalaya, performs the highest number of surgeries in the world at a fraction of the cost—and, with world-class standards.

In 2001, Devi Shetty started with Narayana Hrudayalaya as the biggest telemedicine centre in the world, established in some 19 countries. He also founded Nerayanma health city, which offers super-specialty tertiary care facilities across areas like cardiology, neurosciences, paediatrics and cancer research. Shetty later also signed an MOU with the Karnataka Government to build a hospital with 5000 beds within a budget of 1000 crores, close to the airport.

Till date, Shetty has performed almost 15,000 heart operations and saved thousands of lives. His hospitals make use of economies of scale and perform heart surgeries for one tenth of the cost it takes in the United States. He also came up with the insurance scheme called Yashasvini, which is the cheapest health insurance scheme in the world and presently covers 4 million people in Karnataka.