Contribution of Ancient Indian Yogis to India and the Mankind

Indian culture is not just the result of adaptation, but is a well thought and engineered culture based upon the deep understanding of the nature of life and human capabilities.


India is the country which is famous for its incredible and diverse culture. You might have known India only for being the world’s largest democracy or a multicultural country but may not know about how and what made India such a unique country on the whole planet. Generally the cultures, almost every other culture on earth, are emerged as a consequence of how environment and other conditions made them to live. Charles Darwin in his theory of evolution has also talked about survival of the fittest. Every culture was based on how and what to do if they have to survive or to make their life more luxurious. But Indian culture is of a different way. It is not a consequence of what the environment and other conditions made them to do and adjust but is a well-planned sequence of the activities and do’s and don’ts. It is an engineered culture based upon the deep understanding of how the things work. Here in this article I’ll be telling you about the contribution of yogis to India and the mankind.

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A Yogi is the one who is not just a normal human but is the one who has reached the highest capability of a human being, has transcended all the limitations of physical boundaries and laws. A yogi is capable of leaving his/her own body upon his/her own choice without hurting his/her own body. It is only because of the yogis that Indian culture is still alive   in spite of so many invasions for hundreds of years. India has a history of thousands of years and every part of it directly or indirectly belongs to yogis. From Shiva to Krishna, Ramayana to Mahabharata every epic has a yogi who showed the path of truth or to do Dharma.

What yogis have given India and the whole mankind is so immense that cannot be written on a single page. Their work, their life, their contribution, everything that they have done is so large to pen it down here. Yoga started from a yogi who himself can’t be described in words.

Adiyogi, Shiva
Shiva – Adiyogi

The first yogi was Shiva, also known as Adiyogi taught yoga to his disciples. Shiva had seven disciples and these seven disciples of Shiva are called Saptarishis because they were seven (Sapta means seven in Sanskrit or Hindi}. They then went on to teach other people in different parts of the planet. This made yoga come into the people’s lives which made almost every person, at least of India to pursue something that they don’t know. This all made people learn every process of life. These all yogis then began creating and discovering a lot of postures which make human body perfect to transcend the boundaries of physicality. Yoga has come to existence since time immemorial, right from Shiva. The yogis started restructuring the culture in such a way that every person in the whole Indian subcontinent is always in a state of yoga whether he/she knows it or not.

A Yogi
A Yogi

This needs to be understood that it’s not so easy to restructure the culture and the reconstructed structure will fully make the people meditative in yoga, unconsciously. That has made the yogis to do such a large job that no one can ever imagine. So, is Indian culture engineered? Yes, it is! They made the whole geography of the continent in such a way that it is fully capable of providing such environment to the people to help them highly in doing their Sadhana work. This is done using a number of tantric processes which they used to establish many energy centers in different part of the country. This should be understood that they haven’t placed anything on different places of the country. They have made the already existing natural structures like mountains, rocks etc. to energize. One clear example is the Kailash peak itself, which is now in Tibet. It must be noted that at that time India was not a country, this whole geography which lies south to the Himalayas and the Himalayas itself have been used in such process. Nepal still is a good example of such geography which itself acts as a temple. This culture is the consequence of yogic work, not that of the environment it had to survive in. Every temple we see in India, which is constructed thousands of years ago, has a sophisticated science involved. These temples have never been made to worship some god or some imaginary being. These temples were, and probably still are, like public energizing places where people used to go every day to get energized so that they could do everything easily without actually doing yoga or meditation.

It’s the yogis who have taught the people what the truth is and also showed the ways to get there. There are methods and processes in yoga with which we can create a living being also. Interesting thing is that it is possible to create even a physical human being, fully conscious, without actually giving birth. However a huge amount of effort, work and mastery is required. Dhyanalinga in Tamil Nadu, India is a good example of creating a conscious being that is created by Sadhguru but he is not in a physical form.


These all processes, techniques of doing unimaginable things, going beyond the influence of physical boundaries and time, astrology, the process of doing marriages, the very marriage process is the work of yogis and rishis.

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