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QGaze Apps

QGaze has launched its mobile app, mobile browser and its messenger for android smartphones through which you can connect with people, news,  information and probably any website fast from your smartphone.

  1. QGaze Mobile App (QGaze) provides you an exclusive and isolated path for the QGaze content present on the QGaze’s  official website (https://www.qgaze.com) where you find everything about the latest trends, health tips, lifestyle, fashion, technology, news, science, entertainment, people, places and much  more. Now you can access QGaze from anywhere via this app from your smartphone at any time.
  2. QGaze Messenger App (QGaze Messenger) provides you the fastest, easiest and the most secure instant messaging platform through which you can connect with your friends, family, relatives at anytime right from your phone. You can also share images, videos, audios or any type of files vis QGaze Messenger.
  3. QGaze Mobile Browser (QGaze Browser) is a mobile browser created and owned by the QGaze which is light, fastest and comprehensive with which you can access any site, browse internet even in slow network speeds. You can use Facebook, Twitter or any kind of social media through this browser. QGaze Browser also gives you the real time weather forecast, latest news and other useful information in background.


Download the QGaze App, QGaze Browser and QGaze Messenger to experience the best out of the internet which are completely developed to enhance user experience. Download links are given below:

1. QGaze Mobile App

Download QGaze from here:Click Here to Download


2. QGaze Messenger

Download QGaze Messenger from here:

Click Here to Download


3. QGaze Mobile Browser

Download QGaze Browser from here:

Click Here to Download


 Thank you for installing the apps. We would like to hear from you.  Please don’t forget to review our apps and the Browser.